Surrogate programs are widely practiced for Ukrainian citizens as well as for citizens of other countries. Ukrainian legislation allows surrogacy on a commercial basis. This program consists of the preparation and IVF procedure with donor oocytes and embryo transfer into the surrogate mother s uterus in one of our partner clinics.

Total cost of the program: 36.127,00 USD (depends on the individual situation). Possibility of partial payment.

The package includes: 

-  Choosing of  Surrogate Mother from our database;

-  Cost of fresh medical tests for Surrogate Mother;

-  Protocol of preparation for the Biological Parents, including appointments with the doctor, consultations and coordination of preparation;

-  1 Embryos transfer attempt to Surrogate Mother;

-  Pregnancy care;

-  Hospital fees;

-  Monthly payments and all compensations for Surrogate Mother;

-  Legal fees.

Steps and payments:

Individual IVF program + surrogate mother Price (EUR)
First payment — analytical step - 2050 €:
Examination of couple before IVF (Consultation of professor A. Feskov + reproductive endocrinologist, Standard set of analysis) 450 €
Surrogate mother selection and preparation 1600 €
Second payment — pregnancy achieving - 3 450 €:
Ovarian stimulation, IVF+ICSI program, embryo transfer to uterus of  surrogate mother + medications for ovarian stimulation+ embryos cryopreservation (up to 4) 3350 €
Compensation for surrogate mother 3 weeks after embryo transfer 100 €
Third payment — pregnancy of surrogate mother (on 5th week of pregnancy) - 4 600 € :
First part of pregnancy management 2150 €
First part of compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy (meals for 6 months and 10% of final compensation) 2350 €
Life insurance for surrogate mother 100 €
Fourth payment — delivery (on 18th-20th week of pregnancy) - 3 700 €:
Second part of pregnancy management 2150 €
Second part of compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy (food for 3 months and clothes) 1550 €
Fifth payment — documents registration (after delivery) - 8850 €:
Third part of compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy 7650 €
Legal support (registration of documents for newborn child) 1200 €
Total amount of package: 22650 €

Additional payments:

1. Cryopreservation of semen + 1 year of storage 165 €

2. Examination of genetic material of spermatozoa (FISH test for 13, 16, 18, 21, X, Y  chromosomes, DNA-fragmentation, HBA-test is paid additionally – 615 € according to indication of doctor; karyotyping of peripheral blood lymphocytes (chromosome set of 1 person) G, C banding - 65 €; 

3.Twins pregnancy care — additional payment of amount 2500 Euro; 

4.Accommodation costs depend on request of Genetic Parents: VIP room of in clinic 30 EURO/day, food 20 EURO per day for 1 person; Hotel (depends of class) costs 50 — 200 EURO per day (with of without) breakfast; personal drier — 50 EURO per day; transfer to airport and to clinic — free.

5. Coordination and organization of program & translation.

In case of conversion to VIP Guarantee package after primary medical evaluation - all payments are refund to Genetic Parents.